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Fine, precision air rifles from the legendary Austrian arms manufacturer. Loved for their peerless quality by Olympians and enthusiasts alike.

American Air Arms

Airgun Sport proudly represents American Air Arms' exceptional line of unique airguns. American Air Arms is a small arms maker located in Southern California. They focus on extreme accuracy and power, offering unique features like an assisted cocking lever, external regulator adjustment, and a titanium air reservoir; these are only a few of the things that separate American Air Arms. Made one at a time, made in the USA

Western Airguns

Airgun Sport is excited to carry the Western Airgun. Welcome to Western Airguns' Semiautomatic Air Rifles, where power, accuracy, and versatility converge to take your shooting experience to to new heights! Prepare to immerse yourself in a colorful journey filled with adrenaline-pumping action and unrivaled performance.
With its sleek design and a mesmerizing palette of colors, the Western Airguns Semiautomatic Air Rifle catches the eye and delivers an unparalleled shooting experience. Feel the power surging through your fingertips as you grip this precision-crafted masterpiece, ready to unleash your inner marksman.


A quality optic is a critical component of any airgun setup.  At Airgun Sport, we are all shooters, and have leveraged our decades of shooting experience to curate high quality options at multiple price points.

Airgun Accessories

So you got your gun and optic picked out... what else do you need?  Airgun Sport carries a wide range of accessories, including bipods, air tanks, compressors, and more.  

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