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Like Steyr Hunting 5 Automatic, Steyr ProX is a semi-automatic compressed air rifle. The bullpup system is set into action, meaning the longer barrel can be installed despite the compact design. The power is adjustable via an outside screw. After opening the magazine cover, the 10-round drum magazine is inserted into the rifle. After pulling the bolt action lever, the magazine is wound by turning.
It has an integrated spring that automatically jumps to the next position after firing a shot. Thus, the ten pellets can be fired semi-automatically at high speed.
The Steyr Pro X system operates with a maximum cartridge pressure of 200 bar. The integrated regulator ensures constant energy. More than 200 shots can be fired with a filled cartridge until you have to go back to your compressed air tank or pump again. 
Steyr is an Austrian manufacturer of air pistols, 10-meter match air rifles, and field target air rifles. The many Olympic medals that have been won using Steyr pistols and rifles demonstrate these products' class and exceptional quality.
The Steyr Pro X is a regulated multi-shot and semi-automatic PCP Bullpup air rifle with a beautiful walnut ambidextrous stock.
The 200 bar cylinder, the two-stage match trigger, the 520 mm match barrel, the 10-shot magazine, the Biathlon side lever system, and the extra-long cylinder (more capacity) make this a very accurate PCP air rifle but its also a pleasure to shoot with. The automatic repeating action allows ten quick shots directly out of the magazine.
  • Ten quick shots due to the automatic repeating system
  • Bounce free system
  • Easy handling due to the well-balanced design
  • Maximum safety: The pellet is shot directly out of the magazine. No ammunition remains in the barrel when the magazine is removed.
  • It is delivered with a long compressed air cylinder and one 10-shot drum magazine in a compact plastic rifle case.
  • 520 mm barrel for maximum performance and longer compressed air cylinder for higher capacity
  • Ergonomic thumb-hole stock made from nut wood
  • total length: 630 mm
  • length of barrel: 520 mm
  • diameter of barrel: 16 mm
  • calibre: 4,5 mm (.177) | 5,5 mm (.22)
  • total weight: ca. 3.200 g
  • trigger: mechanical
  • trigger pull: 550 - 700 g
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