American Air Arms EVOL .30 Carbine

Few high-end PCPs are designed and manufactured in the United States. American Air Arms fits this bill in spades.
Building a very limited number of rifles each year, all design, engineering, manufacturing, and assembly takes place in their Southern California facility. The EVOL .30 Carbine is no different. A labor of love, the EVOL 30 packs full performance into a clean and compact platform. With a chassis made from the highest grade aluminum, EVOL rifles are made to withstand the most demanding field applications, and the rifle's titanium air cylinder gives a larger air volume in a smaller space without sacrificing structural integrity or safety.

The bottom Picatinny rail runs the entire length of the air cylinder and provides a rigid platform to mount accessories, and its high level of accuracy, precision, and repeatability stem from the tensioned barrel system; each EVOL barrel is selected to provide the best performance according to the rifle's power and ammunition used.

The design team at American Air Arms has thoughtfully incorporated 50 MOA into the Picatinny scope rail for the best zero possible without maxing out elevation from scope turret adjustments.

Looking for something between maximum power and maximum portability? The EVOL Carbine might be for you.


Caliber: .30
Barrel Length: 10.5"
Overall Length: 29-32"
Weight: 5.6lbs
Air volume: 135cc
Shots per fill: Up to 20
Energy output: up to 90 ft-lbs
Magazine capacity: 9 shots
Trigger weight (factory): 8 to 10 ounces