Steyr Pro X Laminate

The Steyr Pro-X is a revolutionary semi-automatic 10-shot bullpup. The magazine operates by winding the spring. The single cock of the hammer and the gun is operational. The projectile is fired directly from the magazine. The Pro-X is regulated and features an adjustable hammer spring.  Steyr is made in Austria; the weapons are built and assembled simultaneously, ensuring the most precise manufacturing tolerances and reliability.

  • Ten quick shots due to the automatic repeating system
  • Bounce free system
  • Easy handling due to the well-balanced design
  • Maximum safety: The pellet is shot directly out of the magazine. No pellet remains in the barrel when the magazine is removed.
  • Available in the energy of 7,5/16/24 joule (calibre.177) and 16/24/40 joule (caliber .22)
  • Delivered with a long compressed air cylinder and one 10-shot drum magazine in a compact plastic rifle case.
  • Stock made out of nut wood or laminated wood (no additional costs)
  • Specifications:
    Caliber energy:  
  • .177 - 18 foot-pounds
  •  .22 - 30 foot-pounds 
  • total length: 760mmtotal
  • height: 200mm
  • length of barrel: 650mm
  • total weight: ca. 3500g
  • trigger: mechanical trigger pull: 550 - 700g
  • shot count  
  • 177 #80.
  • 22 - #65
  •  200 Bar fill
  • 1/2X20 UNF
  • Travel case included 
  • Grey Laminate Stock
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