SIGMA M4 Suppressor

The Sigma M4 airgun suppressor is made with the highest standards in England. After years of testing, Eagle Vision developed an airgun suppressor that not only quiets the gun but is also designed to reduce barrel vibration through a series of polymer bushings that create a rigid core and dampen vibration. Many airgun silencers are produced en masse, with cost-cutting as their primary concern; the Sigma is manufactured by a 5 axis CNC, and internal parts have tolerance to + or – 0.02. At first look, it is evident that the Sigma M4 is not just a knock-off of an inexpensive 22 LR baffle core, but a quality product looking to push the boundaries of airgun silencers.


  • Interchangeable caliber cores
  • Angled vent holes to alleviate internal pressure
  • Ballistic sound dampening felt
  • Calibers
    •      177
    •     22
    •     25
    •     30

Product specifications:

Length; 168MM
Outside Diameter; 41MM
Weight -220GM
Muzzle Threads size – 1/2 UNF X 20

Product includes:

1x sound moderator
1x Liner (2x spear o-rings)
1x tool
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